Hey Adventurers!

Staying sufficiently fed while exploring the great outdoors is an incredibly important element to enjoying your experience – there’s nothing worse than being too hangry to enjoy a hard-earned view. Yet, when pack space is at a premium and camp cooking equipment a hassle, how can you still enjoy a hot meal at the end of the day? Our favourite solution is the boil in the bag camping meals from Real Turmat.

Made by Norwegian brand REAL, these babies are freeze dried camping meals that require absolute minimum preparation to provide a steaming hot, delicious meal on the go. All you need to do to prepare these boil in the bag camping meals is to add hot water and wait a few minutes, and you’re rewarded with a tasty treat. It’s that easy!

Real Turmat Reindeer Stew boil in the bag camping meal from 1085 Adventures.How to Prepare Boil in the Bag Camping Meals:

  1. Open food pouch
  2. Add hot water
  3. Wait 8-10 minutes
  4. Enjoy!

Made specifically for taking on hikes or bikepacking tips, these boil in the bag camping meals are super lightweight, weighing only 100-150g per pouch (depending on which flavour you choose). Speaking of flavour, there is a great variety of different options for different tastes – we’re currently obsessed with the Real Turmat Reindeer Stew, which is packed full of a mouthwatering stew of game, potatoes and mushrooms that are moist despite being freeze dried.

the Real Turmat boil in the bag camping meals include Fruit MuesliThat being said, freeze-drying is the specialty of REAL, which has perfected its Drytech technology to remove all of the moisture from its boil in the bag camping meals without also removing any nutrients. Each of the meals is carefully formulated to not just be flavourful, but also have that balance of fat, carbs and proteins that you need after a hefty day of outdoor activity – or to prepare you for one.

We love those early mornings, waking in your tent to the glorious mountainside, with a steaming cup of camping coffee alongside a hearty breakfast of the Real Turmat Fruit Muesli, which is easily prepared with just some cold water and an 8-10 minute wait.

Next time you’re preparing for an adventure outdoors, why don’t you give one of the boil in the bag camping meals from REAL a try – there’s a selection of flavours, and if you need more advice on which ones to try, you can always contact us for advice – we also have advice on things to do in Snowdonia and for bike hire in Snowdonia, should you also need it.

Happy adventuring!