Granite STASH Handle Hidden Chain Tool


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The Granite STASH Handle Hidden Chain Tool fits open-end and lock-on grips, this Granite STASH chain tool is beautifully CNC machined out of 7075 Alloy. It is designed to be compatible with 9-12 speed chains, and features quick-link storage. Secretly ready for the unexpected!

Dimension: 30 × 30 × 96mm (large cap), 21.8 × 21.8 × 96mm (small cap)

Fitting: Open-end or lock-on grip with 18-21mm orifice and 10cm straight section at the bar end

Weight: 50g (incl. side cap)

Package Content: Chain tool (tool body, steep pin, rivet driving screw), expansion rubber, 30mm side cap and 22mm side cap

Note: Quick-link is not included