Juice Lube Chain Juice Ceramic


This 130ml bottle of Juice Lubes Chain Juice Ceramic is specially designed by the leaders in lubricants to protect ceramic chains, keeping expensive gear lasting longer.

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Take care of your ceramic chains to ensure they last the test of the trails with the Juice Lubes Chain Juice Ceramic. The high-tech lubricant uses 100% synthetic ingredients such as Boron nitride sub-micron particles that work to reduce friction, resulting in less noise and improved performance.

Juice Lubes Chain Juice Ceramic is designed for dry to damp conditions of both on- and off-road expeditions, keeping shifts crisp and enhancing the durability of ceramic chains. For those wetter conditions, consider the Juice Lubes Chain Juice Wet.

How to Use Ceramic Chain Lube
Step 1: Ensure your chain is thoroughly cleaned and degreased with the Juice Lubes Chain Cleaner.
Step 2: Slowly apply consistent droplets of Chain Juice while backpedalling your cranks, stopping when the chains are silent.
Step 3: Wipe away any excess and wait 2 minutes for the ceramic chain lube to dry.
Step 4: Apply as necessary, ideally between rides.

The saying ‘Less is More’ is absolutely spot on when it comes to the lubricants from Juice Lubes, which are specially-designed to be effective with the smallest applications. If you’re dripping on the ground, you’re using too much.

Chain Juice Ceramic Features:
Recyclable Packaging
Volume: 130ml
100% Synthetic lubricant

About Juice Lubes:
Based in the UK, Juice Lubes is an equipment specialist producing long-lasting and easy-to-use bike maintenance gear that keeps you out on the trail, not sweating in the workshop.