Juice Lube Chain Wet


Puddles and storms are no match for Juice Lubes Chain Juice Wet, a chain lubricant specially designed for soggy and soaking conditions. This 130ml bottle will become a permanent part of your bike kit.

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There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. Don’t let the storms scare you away from the trails – just be prepared with the Juice Lubes Chain Juice Wet Conditions lubricant.

Extreme corrosion protection and improved durability for your gear are guaranteed with the Chain Juice Wet, which is specially designed to prepare for muddy, adverse conditions. Perfect for off-and on-road trails, the easy-to-use lubricant takes just moments to reapply after each wild ride.

How to Use Wet Chain Lube
Step 1: Clean your chain with the Juice Lubes Chain Cleaner to ensure it is degreased.
Step 2: Backpedal your cranks and slowly apply the Chain Juice Wet conditions lubricant, ensuring not to overdo it – it shouldn’t overflow and drip on the ground.
Step 3: Wipe away any excess and wait 2 minutes for the lubricant to dry.
Step 4: Splash your way through the outdoors!

It doesn’t take much of the Chain Juice Wet to get huge results – Juice Lubes intentionally designs its lubricants to be effective with only a small application, ensuring you get your money’s worth without wasted product. As this version is specially designed as a lubricant for wet conditions, if you’re planning on racing through dry and dusty areas we instead recommend the Juice Lubes Chain Juice Dry.

Chain Juice Wet Features:
Recyclable Packaging
Volume: 130ml

About Juice Lubes:
This UK based brand makes lubes, cleaners and waxes – all specially designed by Juice Lubes with the intention to protect your expensive bike equipment.