Juice Lubes Bearing Juice Waterproof Grease


This 150ml tub of Juice Lubes Bearing Juice Waterproof Grease is the perfect formula for giving all your bearing bits their best protection against water damage while providing super lubrication.

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All those little bearing bits will be in bliss with a coat of the Juice Lubes Bearing Juice Waterproof Grease – we’re talking the headsets, bottom brackets, pivot bearings, and hubs. Give them a clean and apply a daub of the Bearing Juice to provide stupendous lubrication that also protects against water damage – whether that’s out and about or in the post-ride wash.

As well as excellent corrosion protection, the magnificent sealing properties of the Bearing Juice help you get that sweeter ride for longer, without knocking about in your workshop all the time.

How to Use Juice Lubes Bearing Juice Waterproof Grease:
Step 1: Ensure your bits are ready for application by giving them a wash and clean with the Juice Lubes Dirt Juice.
Step 2: Apply the Bearing Juice however you like best – using your fingers, brushes or application tools.
Step 3: Wipe off excess and enjoy your ride

Juice Lubes Bearing Juice Waterproof Grease Features:
PCR Recyclable Packaging
Volume: 150ml

About Juice Lubes:
Based in the UK, Juice Lubes is a brand of specialist bike maintenance goods that help you protect your bikes for longer, getting the most out of your equipment without paying huge amounts or spending loads of time in the workshop.

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