Juice Lubes Fork Juice Suspension Spray and Cleaner


This 400ml aerosol can of Juice Lubes Fork Juice Suspension Lubricant will clean and lubricate your forks, shocks and dropper posts, removing annoying squeaks and improving comfort.

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Get that New Bike feeling by giving your suspension a new life with the Juice Lubes Fork Juice. More than simply a suspension lubricant, this spray is a phenomenally-named, all-in-one spray that lubes seals and stanchions as well as removing all the gunk from deep in your fork, leaving a protective layer.

In just minutes, you can refresh your shocks, forks and droppers with the quality of a suspension expert without having to pay through the nose. Farewell, squeaks, hello smooth rides!

How to Use Fork Juice Suspension Lubricant
Step 1: Use some fabric you don’t like to give your fork, shock, and dropper stanchion a wipe.
Step 2: Cover your disc rotors
Step 3: Whip out your Fork Juice and give it a spray on the stanchions and seals, giving it a little bounce to see what grime the Fork Juice removes.
Step 4: Wipe that off too, throw out the fabric, and enjoy a smooth ride!

A can of Suspension Lubricant is designed to last you a long time, meaning you don’t need to overdo it on the spraying. Just give it a coat, no need to send overflow dripping to the floor.

Fork Juice Suspension Lubricant Features:
Recyclable Packaging
Volume: 400ml
Incredible name

About Juice Lubes:
Based in the UK, Juice Lubes is a specialist in producing long-lasting and easy-to-use equipment maintenance goods that keep your gear in top shape for longer. Why replace your parts when you can maintain them?

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