Juice Lubes JL69 Protector and Lubricant


Dispel the fear of rust and corrosion damaging your expensive bike equipment with the super useful Juice Lubes JL69 Bike Maintenance Spray – a protector and lubricant in one can.

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Bike maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive, especially when you take action to protect and clean your equipment with the Juice Lubes JL69 Bike Maintenance Spray. This handy can of protection and lubricant has been specially-designed to help fight rust and corrosion by tackling the grime head-on.

Thanks to the smart applicator head, you can focus the spray to penetrate deep into your bike’s components, driving out moisture and gunk from those hard-to-reach places, helping to free up stuck parts and leaving a protective film to ward off dirt.

How to Use JL69 Bike Maintenance Spray
Step 1: Lovingly wash your bike
Step 2: Directly spray JL69 Bike Maintenance spray into the suspension pivots, shifters, rear mech and headset, getting into all the little nooks and crannies. Make sure you avoid your rotors and brake pads.
Step 3: Ride, ride like the wind!

The biodegradable formula of the protectant and lubricant spray means there’s no harm done to the environment for any little flicks of the spray that dislodge on your next outdoor adventure.

JL69 Bike Maintenance Spray Features:
Recyclable Packaging
Volume: 400ml

About Juice Lubes:
Juice Lubes is a UK-based brand of bike maintenance equipment that is designed to have a high impact on your bike’s longevity while low impact on your wallet. Other products also include the Fork Juice Suspension Lubricant.

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