Juice Lubes Viking Juice All Conditions Chain Oil


Increase your bike chain’s life with the Juice Lubes Viking Juice Chain Oil – a super heavy-duty all-conditions chain oil that guarantees less maintenance time, smoother shifts, and less rust.

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Much like the namesake of this all-conditions chain oil, the Juice Lubes Viking Juice is built to raid, discovering all the hidden spots of your bike chain and swiftly demolishing rust, corrosion and build-up. Begone, demons of dirt – the Viking Juice is here to stay!

The super-effective chain oil requires but a gentle application, its thin viscosity helping it to penetrate deep into your chains and provide a protective coating. No matter whether you’re heading out into dry and dusty conditions or those wet wild waterways, the high performance synthetic lubricant has you covered.

How to Use Juice Lubes Viking Juice Chain Oil:
Step One: Clean your bike with the Juice Lubes Dirt Juice bike cleaner and give her a wipe down.
Step Two: While backpedaling your cranks, gently apply a coat of Viking Juice. Be careful, this formula is runny! You don’t need loads with each application.
Step Three: Wait to dry and repeat step two a few times – the Viking Juice works best when layered.
Step Four: Head out on your own crusade.

About Juice Lubes
Proper bike protection at a low cost – that’s the main aim of UK based brand Juice Lubes, which specialises in lubricants and protections for bike equipment.

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