Lezyne Metal Patch Kit


Be prepared in an emergency with the six glueless patches, scuffer and tire boot, all encased in a waterproof aluminium case with rubber end caps. 

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Few things could be more frustrating than an incredible mountain biking adventure being cut short due to a punctured or ripped tire. The rugged terrains that make the trip so exciting can also create such damage, but the issue can be easily solved if you’ve got a Lezyne metal patch kit on hand. This essential piece of cycling gear includes glueless patches, a tire boot and a scuffer in a waterproof aluminium case, holding everything you need for emergency tire repair.

The lightweight and compact cycling patch kit easily tucks away in any cycling bag without adding any noticeable weight, and the low price of the experience-saving kit ensures there’s no strain on the wallet for such an important piece of gear.

Lezyne is a global expert in manufacturing high quality cycling gear including various tools including the Lezyne torque drive and Lezyne tubeless CO2 blaster, all of which are designed, engineered and manufactured in house at Lezyne’s factory in Taiwan. The Lezyne torque drive available to purchase online from Snowdonia cycle hire specialist, 1085 Adventures.

Lezyne Metal Patch Kit Features:
Weight: 30g
Six glueless patches
Tire boot
Aluminium case with rubber caps

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