Ortlieb Micro Two Saddle Bag 0.8L


If all you need are the bare essentials, then grab the Saddle-Bag Micro and get on your bike. The roll closure with elastic bungees make it 100% waterproof. Two screws make for a simple fix. An ultralight Saddle-Bag with minimal dimensions. With the click closure, it‘s a breeze to quickly add or remove from under the seat with just one hand. The perfect Saddle-Bag for cyclists looking for minimal weight.

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It’s easy to grab your gear and hit the trail with all the essentials in hand thanks to this Ortlieb Micro Two saddle bag. The 0.5 litre volume of the simple bag allows you enough space for the most important items, without any allowance for overpacking. Keep things maneuverable on your bike with this ultralight bikepacking solution.

There’s no time wasted with complicated installation processes, just two screws go in for a quick fix, then simply use the click closure to add and remove under the seat with just one hand. This easy access makes it perfect for keeping things like phones and cameras close at hand, ready to capture the magnificence of the wilderness at any point.

The durable piece of bikepacking kit is 100% waterproof, thanks to the roll-top closure system and elastic bungees, so you can feel free to ride through puddles or a sudden downpour without your belongings getting wet.

Ortlieb Micro Two Saddle Bag Features:
Fabric: PS21/PS21R
Height: 9cm
Width: 12cm
Depth: 14cm
Volume: 0,8L
Weight: 140g

This Micro Two Saddle Bag 0.8L is the a bikepacking bag that is available for sale from Snowdonia-based bike hire and mountain gear expert, 1085 Adventures, which also stocks the larger frame pack, seat pack and handlebar pack. There is also a full Ortlieb Bikepacking Set Limited Edition available for those who need a heavier load of gear.