Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive Hand Pump


Compact and convenient while on the move, the Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive is an innovative hand pump model for keeping tires inflated anytime, anywhere.

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Maintain the perfect tire pressure at all times with the ultra-accurate Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive – a bestselling hand pump from the cycling equipment manufacturer. Offering the best in portable precision, the digital strip gauge makes it easy to dial in the perfect pressure mid-ride.

The Lezyne Digital Pressure drive is manufactured from CNC-machined aluminium, ensuring it is a lightweight and compact addition to your cycling essentials. When you need quick inflation to mid-to-high pressures, the Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive is the hand pump that will get you there.

Lezyne is a global expert in manufacturing high quality cycling gear including various tools including the Lezyne tubeless CO2 blaster and Lezyne torque drive, all of which are designed, engineered and manufactured in house at Lezyne’s factory in Taiwan. The Lezyne torque drive available to purchase online from Snowdonia cycle hire specialist, 1085 Adventures.

Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive Hand Pump Features:
Weight: 133g
Length: 170mm
Max: 120psi / 8.3 bar

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