HuskeeCup Reusable Coffee Cup 8oz With Lid


A designer reusable coffee cup made from recycled husks of coffee.

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Stop adding to landfill by using plastic-lined paper cups, and invest in an environmentally-friendly alternative. The HuskeeCup reusable coffee cup is made primarily from recycled husks of beans, a by-product of coffee processing that would otherwise be discarded by growers.

The coffee cup, made by an Australian brand known for it’s eco conscious production processes, is ideal for the coffee drinker searching for an elegant and unique way to mnimise their waste. The fins on the reusable coffee cup form an elegant design that is ergonomic and easy to grip, while its unique material helps retain the heat in your drink.

While the HuskeeCup reusable coffee cup is of course compatible with any type of beverage, it’s the perfect cup for our very own 1085 Snowdonia Coffi brand of camping coffee. Pack it in with your mountain gear and don’t leave any waste behind on your next Snowdonia hike, camping trip or mountain bike adventure.

HuskeeCup Benefits:
Minimises waste in production and use
Keep your coffee hotter for longer.
Comfortable to hold
Durable and Reusable