Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 NorthRim


The 3400 NorthRim Hyperlite Ultralight Off-Trail backpack is a tough, durable pack for travelling through dense and rugged trails.   Available in three sizes and two colour options.


Perfect for finding your way through the thick of things, the 3400 NorthRim has a capacity to carry everything you need to thrive on a multi-day adventure.  Ideal for weekends and thru hikes where resupply points are less frequent.

Built using 375-Denier DCHW fabric in the external pockets and high abrasion areas on the bottom.

When the extra volume of the 3400 NorthRim is not is use, the 3400’s top can roll down enough to make the overall pack size similar to the 2400.

The Hyperlite 3400 NorthRim is ready for wet and wild adventures, as it is manufactured from incredibly sturdy, strong, and water resistant Dyneema® Composite Fabrics.

The Hyperlite 3400 NorthRim backpack offers an internal volume of 55L, so you can pack it carefully full of mountain equipment, food and fuel for quick adventures. If you need something a little larger, we recommend checking out the Hyperlite 4400 Southwest (70L).

Choose the correct Hyperlite backpack size to fit your body type by measuring down the curve of your spine to find your torso length, and compare that to our size guide.

  • Small (15.0” – 17.0” torso)
  • Medium (17.0” – 19.0” torso)
  • Large (19.0” – 21.0” torso)

This 3400 NorthRim Hyperlite backpack is suitable for:
Bikepacking in Snowdonia
Camping trips

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Small, Medium, Large, Tall

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