Ruta Locura 820 Carbon Fibre Tent Pole


Keep weight to a minimum when camping with the Ruta Locura 820 Carbon Fibre Tent Pole – an ultra-light, extra-convenient set of tent poles for tents and tarps between 71” – 75”.


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There’s nothing worse than the feeling of regret that comes with over packing gear for a camping trip, weighing you down with every step or cycle. But some gear is non-negotiable – and while the necessities are different for everyone, having a lightweight shelter at the end of the day has to be high on the list.

That’s why we recommend adding the Ruta Locura 820 Carbon Fibre Tent Poles to your kit – a set of ultralight tent poles that are perfectly suited to the Hyperlite Ultamid 4 pyramid shelter but are versatile and made to fit a variety of tents and tarps.

The single carbon fibre pole adjusts between 71” to 79” (180cm to 190cm) and comes with an 8” (20cm) springlock adjuster that can be attached for extra length. The tent pole folds down into 19” segments with a shock cord that retains all sections so you can’t lose a piece. If your shelter is smaller than these dimensions, we recommend the Ruta Locura 710 Carbon Fibre Tent Poles.

The ends of the tent poles are capped with little plastic feet to keep out the dirt, and the brass button lock allows adjustments of 1” increments, enhancing the versatility of the carbon fibre pole to suit your shelter.

Carbon fibre is an ideal material for tent poles as it is incredibly lightweight, yet stronger than metals like aluminium. When keeping pack sizes to a minimum is a crucial point, carbon fibre tent poles are the way to go.

Ruta Locura 820 Carbon Fibre Tent Pole Features:
Size (folded): 19”
Size (extended): up to 79”
Material: Carbon Fibre, plastic end caps
Weight: 241g
Includes 8” adjuster
Includes shock cord

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