Ruta Locura 710 Carbon Fibre Tent Pole


Measuring from 61” to 69” (155cm to 175cm) and weighing only 215g, the Ruta Locura 710 Carbon Fibre Tent Pole is the recommended accessory for ultra-light and extra convenient camping trips.


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Breathe deep, fresh mountain air and stride forward on your hike or cycling trip with ease by ensuring your kit is as lightweight as possible with the Ruta Locura 710 Carbon Fibre Tent Pole. Weighing in at only 214g and disassembling down into four 16.5” sections, the carbon fibre tent pole is easy to strap on to your backpack or bike, ready for the trail ahead. With the weight saved, now you have space for the other necessity – camping coffee!

The Ruta Locura 710 is the perfect size for the Hyperlite Ultamid 2 pyramid shelter, however these ultralight tent poles can work on a variety of tents and tarps within the provided height of 61″ to 69″ (155cm to 175cm). If you need just a tad more height, add on the 8” (20cm) springlock adjuster!

The pole features a shock cord that retains all the individual sections of the pole, keeping them connected so that you can’t lose an individual section. The ends of the pole and adjuster are capped in plastic feet, helping to ensure stability and keep out unwanted dirt.

Lighter and stronger than Aluminium, carbon fibre is the ultimate material for tent poles, bringing all the most important characteristics for those longer camping trips.

Ruta Locura 710 Carbon Fibre Tent Pole Features:
Size (folded): 16.5”
Size (extended): up to 69”
Material: Carbon Fibre, plastic end caps
Weight: 214g
Includes 8” adjuster
Includes shock cord