Hyperlite Mountain Gear REpack Camp Cooking System


Enjoy hot meals on the go with this lightweight and clever camp cooking system. 

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You can explore the great outdoors and enjoy a hot meal at the end of the day without weighing down your pack thanks to the Hyperlite Mountain Gear REpack Freezer Bag camp cooking system. 

Use in combination with a Jetboil camp cooking system to create hot water and bring along some dehydrated camp food or pre-prepared camp meals. We recommend repacking your meals into resealable plastic bags so that you’re not carrying garbage around on your adventure and keeping weight even lower.

The Hyperlite REpack camp cooking system only weighs 40g, so it’s barely noticeable when packed into your Hyperlight backpack – and it can also function as a stuff sack when space is tight.    

How to use the Hyperlite Mountain Gear REpack:
Heat water
Place your bagged meal in the REpack
Pour in your hot water
Fold down the top of the REpack
Enjoý the ambience of your campsite
Eat a delicious hot meal