Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2 Ultralight Pyramid Tent


The legendary all-season two-person portable shelter from Hyperlite mountain gear.


There are few shelter shapes that have been put to the harsh tests of the wild outdoors as much as the classic pyramid design. They offer the best in efficient packing and setting up, as well as reliable protection against the elements thanks to the combination of the shape and materials used. 

Of course, since this is a Hyperlite tent, it is also incredibly lightweight and compact. Weighing an astounding 1.17lbs (just over half a kilo) and smaller than the 2L Hyperlite Drawstring Stuff Sack, you can easily fit this piece of lightweight camping equipment inside your Hyperlite backpack.

Thanks to the use of waterproof Dyneema® DCF8 for the tent walls plus the fully taped seams, the Ultralight Pyramid Tent offers year-round protection as it is ideal for all weather conditions.

Ultralight tent specs:
Materials: Dyneema® DCF8
Weight: 1.17lbs – 530g
Capacity: 1-2 people
Packed Dimensions: 8.5” x 6” x 5.5”
Area: 63 sq ft
Width: 6’ 11″ | 83″ | 210.8cm
Length: 8’ 11″ | 107″ | 271.8cm
Height: 5’ 4″ | 64″ | 162.6cm


Ultralight pyramid shelter
Eight 3’ 2.8mm UHMWPE Core Guy Lines for Perimeter Tie-Outs
X-Large Drawstring Stuff Sack & Additional 100’ of 2.8mm UHMWPE Core Guy Lines

Use With:
Hyperlite Stake Kit
Hyperlite Ground Cloth
Hyperlite Carbon Fibre Tent Pole
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2 Insert
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2 Half Insert

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Spruce Green, White

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