1085 Snowdonia Coffi – Drip Coffee Bag Pack


Box of 12 drip coffee bags. Select your favourite 1085 Snowdonia Coffi or opt for a mixed box of bags of our three blends.




Portable, compact, and easy to use.

First invented in Japan in the 1990s, drip coffee bags are small pouches of ground coffee held in folded paper stands that can be suspended over cups. This method of brewing coffee is highly efficient and a perfect camping coffee, as you don’t need a machine.

Waste no time when preparing your morning coffee, simply tear open the wrap and inner sachet, hang over your cup, pour hot water and enjoy. The ultimate portable camping coffee system, you can take our drip coffee bags with you on a road trip, thru hike, or bikepacking trip. or simply enjoy the convenience at home or the office.

These drip coffee bags come in a box of ten, and are available in a choice from our three 1085 Snowdonia Coffi blends. Choose from the intense and earthy 1085 Snowdonia Coffi 10, the all-occasion 1085 Snowdonia Coffi 8 or the mild and creamy 1085 Snowdonia Coffi 5. If you’re not sure which you like best, or want a variety, choose the mixed box or check out the .

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Mixed, 10, 8, 5

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