Hyperlite Mountain Gear – 2400 Southwest


Tackle those tight and tough terrains with ease with the Hyperlite Southwest 2400 backpack.



Climbing up and over rugged mountains, shimmying through tight cracks in valleys, rolling over open plains on the back of a mountain bike. You want to traverse all territories and you need the best mountain gear – the Hyperlite 2400 Southwest backpack won’t let you down.

As with all Hyperlite backpacks, the 2400 Southwest is made from Dyneema® Composite Fabrics, which are the manufacturer’s own incredibly strong, sturdy and water resistant materials.

A smaller-size of the range of Hyperlite backpacks, the Southwest 2400 offers a 40L internal volume – slightly less than the Hyperlite Southwest 3400 (55L) and much less than the Hyperlite Southwest 4400 (70L). 

Measure your torso length down the curve of your spine and compare to the following size guide in order to choose the correct Hyperlite backpack size.

  • Small (15.0” – 17.0” torso)
  • Medium (17.0” – 19.0” torso)
  • Large (19.0” – 21.0” torso)

This 2400 Southwest Hyperlite backpack is suitable for:
Mountain walks in Snowdonia