1085 Snowdonia Coffi Subscription

Select 10, 8 or 5, beans or ground, and delivery.

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Create the perfect coffee subscription! Customise the delivery options, select your perfect coffee style and pick a blend from our three 1085 Snowdonia Coffi blends. Choose to receive a 250g bag of beans or coffee grind every week, fortnight, or every month – it all depends on how quickly you go through your coffee! Don’t worry if your needs change or you don’t quite get it right the first time, you can easily change the delivery frequency at any time.

Then, you need to choose your coffee blend from our three 1085 Snowdonia Coffi blends. We’ve developed the three coffee blends to cover all ends of the intensity scale, whether you like a really rich coffee or something a little more mellow. 1085 Snowdonia 10 is a deep and dark roast, with hints of leather, chocolate, and tobacco. 1085 Snowdonia 8 is our four origin coffee: a rich and full roast with hints of dried fruits, caramel, and a bit of booze. 1085 Snowdonia 5 originates from Rwanda and Guatemala; a mellow everyday roast with hints of red fruits and chocolate.

Receive 1085 Snowdonia Coffi as and when you need it – you can edit, pause or cancel your coffee subscription at any time. Ethically sourced, single-origin coffee. Hand Roasted in Small Batches. 1085 Snowdonia Coffi is a new brand of coffee from 1085 Adventures that makes a perfect camping coffee.

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10, 8, 5

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Ground, Bean

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Week, 2 Weeks, Month

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