1085 Snowdonia Coffi – 8


1085 Snowdonia Coffi 8 is a blend of three classic coffees from Indonesia, Central East Africa and Central America – their qualities combine to give the camping coffee a smooth, rich, yet weighty drink, with a flavour that suits all brewing techniques.

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1085 Snowdonia Coffi 8 is a rich and full roast, with hints of caramel, dried fruits and a bit of booze that really hits the spot when settling into your campsite or midway through a hiking adventure. This camping coffee is a great all-rounder, simply brew it how you prefer in your favourite portable coffee maker for a delicious treat while on the go.  

If you’re after a blend that packs a punch, we recommend the 1085 Snowdonia 10 camping coffee, or for those looking for subtler notes, 1085 Snowdonia 5 is the one for you.

1085 Snowdonia Coffi is a new brand of coffee grinds and beans from 1085 Adventures that are a fantastic camping coffee.

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250g Ground, 250g Bean, 34g Ground, 17g Ground, Drip Coffee Packs

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