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1085 Snowdonia Coffi 10 is Monsooned Malabar coffee, originating from South West India. This is a particularly strong camping coffee with unique combinations of brown spice, tobacco, and wood notes with an intense earthy finish.

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Monsooned Malabar creates a full body brew with low acidity that works especially well as an espresso. The earthy blend is best consumed when surrounded by nature, making it the perfect camping coffee or companion for your next bikepacking adventure.

The monsooned process is unique to the South-West coast of India. During the monsoon season, exposure to high humidity conditions causes the green coffee beans to swell as they soak in moisture, unveiling distinct aromas and unique flavours. The process takes between 12 and 16 months as the coffee beans double in size and turn a pale golden colour.

This processing method dates back to an era when raw green coffee beans were transported from India to Europe via the Cape of Good Hope – a journey which could take up to six months. Stored within the wooden hulls of sailing vessels, the sea winds and humid atmospheres transformed the character of the coffee beans, enhancing their flavour profile. 

If the intensity of this blend sounds too much for you, we recommend trying either the 1085 Snowdonia 8 full roast blend, or the gentler 1085 Snowdonia 5 camping coffee. To get everything you need at the same time, portable coffee maker bundles are also available.

1085 Snowdonia Coffi is a new undertaking from 1085 Adventures, offering three roasts of beans and grinds that make perfect camping coffee.

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250g Ground, 250g Bean, 34g Ground, 17g Ground, Drip Coffee Pack

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