Hey there, adventurers!

Since the launch of our very own Snowdonia Coffi brand last year, one of the most popular options has been our drip coffee bags – and we can’t say we’re surprised! These little marvels are truly the best of both worlds, offering high quality, freshly brewed coffee without any of the hassle.

For those of you who don’t know, coffee drip bags are a relatively new method of brewing coffee, having been invented in Japan in the 1990’s. They combine the delicious taste of filtered coffee with the convenience of instant coffee – there’s no machinery needed here – just the bag, a coffee cup, and hot water.

The popularity of coffee drip bags has boomed in the last few years, particularly as people have begun to work from home more. However, we’ve also seen a huge rise in the use of the bags as camping coffee, which is of course close to our heart.

Since the little bags are so compact and lightweight, they’re easy to pack without weighing you down, making it possible to bring enough for overnight or even extended bikepacking trips.

How to Use Coffee Drip Bags

Coffee Drip BagsMaking your own coffee at home or out on the trail with a coffee drip bag is super easy. Simply grab your favourite mug (we love the Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup) and your bag. Open the coffee bag and shake gently to even out the grounds, then fold out the paper wings of the coffee bag, placing them over the sides of the cup.

Boil the jug, and gently pour hot water into the sachet, covering the grounds completely, close to the top but not overflowing the bag. The first pour is the all-important bloom phase, so pour with care!

Wait for the coffee to drip through into the cup, and repeat, adding enough water to fill the bottom of the cup before it starts to submerge the bag. You’ll need around 120-150ml of water. Leave the coffee to cool slightly to reduce bitterness then sip and enjoy.

Benefits of Drip Bags

There are so many fantastic benefits to using coffee drip bags, which we’ve outlined here for you.

Compared to visiting a cafe, drip bags offer delicious coffee at a much more affordable price. Sure, it’s slightly more expensive than instant coffee, but the quality difference and enjoyability is hugely increased.

It’s so easy to prepare delicious coffee this way – no grinders, scales, group heads, machines, or cleaning required – just throw the coffee bag in the bin (or tuck it neatly into your garbage bag when on the trail – leave no trace!).

Compared to the coffee pods which often end up in waste, drip bags are made from paper and coffee grounds, so they are biodegradable, leaving no unnecessary waste.

One important thing to note about coffee drip bags is that the resulting coffee is a filter coffee, not an espresso. If you’re looking for a way to make an espresso, or Americano-style coffee while on the go, we recommend the Wacaco Nanopresso travel coffee maker.

Have you tried coffee drip bags? We’d love to hear your experiences! If you haven’t, why not give our mixed box of 12 Drip Coffee a go?